Kamil Adamczewski


Glad to see you here. I'm NOT ONLY FRONTEND DEVELOPER. You can find some more information about me on this website. Maybe you are interested in what does URL mean? See my example projects or even spend some time on playing a game. If you are just looking for contact to me you don't have to look anywhere further.

Here you are: kamil@tiwilive.pl

Github: check!

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That's me! Since I was a kid...



Well, it all started in 2010 with short films on Facebook. "Tiwi" sounds in polish like TV and "Live" was added to emphasize vlog feeling. YEAH, I WAS VLOGGER BEFORE IT WAS FAMOUS. Later I was thinking more about video editing. I uploaded some videos to YouTube and finally I bought my first domain. I've got it till today and I'm really happy with that. :D

Frontend Developer


I am fast learning and up-to-date Frontend Developer. I know well HTML, CSS (SASS). I have got good knowledge about Javascript and VUE basics and I love to create animations with GSAP. I was getting expierence in polish company Profitroom focused on hotel industry. Clicking on arrows allows you to check great designed projects I coded.

Norweska Dolina


Implementation for Profitroom


Hotel Azzun ****


Implementation for Profitroom


Pałac Mortęgi


Implementation for Profitroom


Flutter Developer


Recently I am into Flutter a lot. I really enjoy it's approach to creating mobile (and web) application. So I look forward to use it in another project.

Game Developer


Probably this is where I started my journey with programming. I've always wanted to create my very own game. I made several mini games in Gamemaker, Unity or Construct but I'm still waiting for some bigger title one day. As a kid I've played a lot on Gameboy so retro consoles bring great memories. Firstly, I made this arcade voleyball on Arduboy. You can check original on the next slide and here you can play on destkop. JUST CLICK ON THE GAME AND PLAY WITH ARROW KEYS.



Game version on physical device.

Write to me


Feel free to email: kamil@tiwilive.pl

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